Dry skin occurs because of water loss, not oil, from your skin. Loss of moisture not only causes drying, but also roughness as the cell edges begin to curl. Natural oils on your skin form a barrier to water loss. When these natural oils are lost, more water evaporates, and your skin becomes dry, rough and sometimes scaly. Your occupation, bathing, and frequent hand washing often affect how or why your skin dries out. The problem is worse in winter because the heated air in your home is drier and less humid. What can you do?

Drink plenty of water. Bathing also hydrates your skin, but it also strips away the essential oils, especially if harsh soaps are used. Limit your bathing time and use of hot water. We're not suggesting a cold shower, but limit longer than necessary bathing times. Furthermore, use milder shampoos, soaps and cleansers that do not strip away your body's natural oils. Avoid routine use of harsh, antibacterial soaps. Pat dry; don't rub.

Moisturize immediately within minutes of toweling. Re-moisturize as needed. Remember that dry skin, as "winter itch", is worse during cold weather. Thus it is increasingly important to stay hydrated and moisturized in the wintertime.

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