Witch Hazel


Natural essential oils. Free of Harsh Chemicals.

Water hydrates internally and externally, but water quickly evaporates if preventative measures are not taken. In addition to hydration, water is a diluent.

Witch hazel is an astringent, a mild protein precipitant. The skin is soothed and a barrier to protein and water loss is formed. 

Glycerin is a humectant or hydrating agent and draws water from the dermis to the outer layers of skin.

Alcohol is an antiseptic and helps to dissolve other ingredients.

Green soap is a potassium soap made of suitable vegetable oils without the removal of glycerin. Used topically, it is soothing and hydrating.

Ammonium carbonate is a buffer and adjusts pH balance. It also feels cool to the skin.

Camphor has a mild anesthetic action and a sensation of coolness when topically applied.

Rosemary oil is soothing and fragrant. It is an astringent and rubefacient (increases blood flow).

Readily absorbed and non-greasy. Tested and proven since 1931.