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       from a dream to reality...       

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    Porter’s Original Lotion began in 1915 when Dr. C.E. Whitehead compounded a similar formula to be used for workers at a local cement plant to treat dry skin. In 1931, he passed his formula on to Heber Porter, a Bozeman pharmacist, who formulated the original Porter’s Lotion, which was still compounded in a barrel in various local Bozeman pharmacies until 1994, when Bungalow Drug, the last to make it, was closing its doors.    


A New Beginning


The new owner is John Hearnsberger, MD who loved the product so much, he bought the company. John is a renowned heart surgeon who began his surgical career in 1973. Daily scrubbing left his hands and arms irritated, red and dry with an incessant itch. After trying numerous lotions, including topical steroids that didn’t work, John bought his first bottle of Porter’s Lotion in 1996 and experienced immediate relief and has used it daily ever since.

Porter's Lotion is commited to the legacy of the product and to providing you with quality skin care products at reasonable prices.


What Worked Then, Still Works Now.


   There's a reason why Porter's Lotion is still around, unchanged. It simply works! Regular users know there is nothing better than Porter's Lotion for your skin. Our products have an uncanny ability to re-hydrate dry skin without residue or oiliness. Try it today. You won't look back!

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